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Effortless billing software for dental labs

Generate invoices fast & get on with your day.

Discover the power of our app with a walkthrough led by our experts. Book now to explore the app's features and learn how it can transform the way you work. Our team will guide you through every step and help you achieve your goals faster.


Find all your cases neatly displayed in one convenient dashboard. A simple way to keep track of every job you do.

Delivery Notes

Create and send delivery notes in just a few seconds. You save time and avoid frustration.

Conformity Certificates

Every detail you need (materials I manufacturers I references) at a click of a button. In the specific layout of your own country.


Get a visual representation of your invoices through uncomplicated graphs.


Get a clear picture of your entire activity and profitability through straightforward graphs.

Localized Translation

Get all your documents accurately translated for your location. No awkward translations here.

Client's Profitability

Always keep track of your client's remake requests for a clear indication of profitability.

Team Work

Gives access to your team to upload exocad projects. Users will not have access to customer data or financial activity.

Client List

Keep track of your entire work history in one client list. Also includes visual reports and financial info.

Demo Mode

Try it for free! Invoicit is available in DEMO mode, so you can easily get accustomed to the simple and intuitive process.

Automatic exocad items recognition

Depending on your job definition in exocad DentalDB, Invoicit can automatically detect more than 100 items.

How Invoicit Works

Invoicit is specifically designed to generate essential lab documents super fast. Our algorithm does all the tedious work so you don't have to. Simply declare the right materials for your Items and everything will be assembled so you can get fully customizable lab documents: Delivery Notes, Conformity Documents and Invoices. Quick. Easy. Convenient.

With the Invoicit Dashboard you always get a clear overview of all your projects. This makes it easy to edit, add or delete items | consult financial reports for each client | have a clear idea of you lab's profitability | conveniently create your contact list. All of this in just a matter of SECONDS! Optimized. Efficient. Fast.

You have exocad?

Want to have your project's details (client's & patient's name | restoration type | material) automatically imported from exocad? Simply upload your .dentalProject file and Invoicit does all the work!

Benefits of Using Invoicit

  1. Saves time
    Forget about the strenuous manual billing you had to deal with at the end of a long work day. Issue your invoices and documents with just a few clicks.
  2. Secures your data
    All your information is encrypted and stored on HDS and ISO 27001 certified servers.
  3. Paper free
    Invoicing & saving a tree? Yes please! No need to print anything, just send all your documents to clients directly via e-mail.
  4. Responsive customer support
    Need help? We're always here! Bonus: find the answers to your questions on our Facebook Group or on our dedicated Help Page.
  5. Always updating
    We're regularly publishing updates, including new features, enhancements or software corrections to give you the best experience as well as the data security you deserve.
Demo Mode for 5 days, to PLAY AROUND and understand the workflow
After that, you'll have an additional 60 FREE days, all functions included.
No credit card needed.
€20 / month
*VAT not included

All lab management functions included

€200 / year
(Save €40)
*VAT not included

All lab management functions included

Hosted by Microsoft Azure

The first major cloud provider capable of meeting the strict standards of storing and processing health data. It ensures that your health data is always protected, reliable and sustainable.
Storing the patient name raises a privacy concern and you are using it at your own risk. Invoicit assumes no responsibility on the resulting privacy breach.